History of Web design

Web design is started in August 1991 by Tim Berners Lee who was first web designer. In earlier period there was basic stracture of the design(heading & paragraph). User can easily open the page in browse and the webpages were connected by hyperlink. And then advant of markup language which called HTML. Html became more complex and flexible. Table were used to display tabular information.

After advent of CSS, colomn based design’s trends started. People liked the CSS because it is save the time and it is easy to maintance the whole webpages at one time. CSS has changed the face of web.

And then, Flash has introduced in market which gave the great power to the designer & media creator. Flash highly used in web. Some poeple think flash is bad becuase it is take much time on the net to download.


About ashoksuthar

I am ashok suthar a web & graphic designer from Mumbai, India specializing in the user interface design. I like to build a clean, appealing and functional interfaces designs which is based on latest web standards. I love designing and it is my passion. Currently working with GMI-Idhasoft Company in Mumbai.

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