Design Usability

Your site should be clean and easy to understand for the user to accomplish their goals. Usability is about building websites based on your user feedback. Usability consider following things like :

– Quick and easy to learn
– Efficient to use
– Allows rapid recovery from erros
– easy to remember

People think that Web 2.0 is ugly but is quite good on design front of view. We should keep many things in mind while design any website or application.

Some of those are:

Layout should be user friendly and professionalYour webpage should be user friendly so that user will not get bored while surfing your webpage. For that your site should be clean and simple column layout. Keep white space to make your page clean and easier to reading the text also use well sized of margins.

Site should be columned based as new fashioned. It should divided into 3 or 4 column. Simple layout is much easier to design and easier to viewer as well.

Page Background
Your Page background should be soft and light what most sites use. Because they looks good and it will not irritate to the eyes. User should not get confused by hard background color. Do not keep background flashy or animated image in page background. It is harmful for the user .Gradient background is very pleasing to the eyes. They are great when used in background. But I prefer to make gray or light background color to make your site beautiful.

Rounded Corner
Rounded corner is new style of the webpage design. It used to give a younger and fresh feel. You can experiment with following shapes.

– one edge rounded or three perpendiculars
– Alternate edges rounded- Three edges rounded one perpendiculars.Rounded corner can be difficult to implement in html rather than normal page design but your page can be eye catching to the customer.

Font can play important role for design usability. Always keep relative font size and define them in %. To make page good always use sans sarif fonts like Arial, Verdana, Tahoma. Because san sarif is readable on the screen rather then sarif fonts like Times new roman etc. Always keep main heading bigger than sub heading. So choose right font to make your page good.

Images can make your webpage look great when used it wisely. It can be irate to the user when used too many in number. Also it take so much time to downloading. So as possible use images in low amount

Icons can be great if used it effectively. But avoid too many in number in one signal page.
Use reflections to give 3d effect but it should be handling with care.

Color is another most important part of usability. Color can irritate, sway and change thinking and actions. So always chose right color to make your page beautiful.

Do not use so many colors in one signal page. And also do not use different color in different pages (inner pages). So whole site should be followed same color as it is home page.


About ashoksuthar

I am ashok suthar a web & graphic designer from Mumbai, India specializing in the user interface design. I like to build a clean, appealing and functional interfaces designs which is based on latest web standards. I love designing and it is my passion. Currently working with GMI-Idhasoft Company in Mumbai.

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