How we can make orkut website more beautiful?

Orkut is very famous website on net for social networking. But I have question regarding their website designing. Currently design of orkut I don’t like. It is not good as I want, or as a designer want.

I think orkut-team should change their website design. It should be according web2.0 or latest trends.

So last few weeks I have above question in my mind. So I research on website on point of usability and designing. And finally I found some issues in current website like:

  • Logo is old fashion it should be according Web2.0
  • Font style is small and old. It should change to web 2.0 fonts like bigger fonts that makes website more readable.
  • Blue color is looks very dull in website.
  • square column in website looks also old fashion it should change to rounded.
  • Design should be column based.

After research I designed a sample page of Orkut, where all above requirements is filled in screen. You can see it here :-


What I did in screen.

  • I used new trends logo for Orkut. which is according Web2.0. It is plain and simple and it is easy to remember for visitors.
  • Used Arial font
  • Divided home page in three column.
  • Used blue vibrant color
  • Made top navigation bar at top for usability point of view.
  • New designed for Login area.

This is design which I like and I hope orkut’s user also like it. Give me your comments and suggestions on design-screen of orkut.


About ashoksuthar

I am ashok suthar a web & graphic designer from Mumbai, India specializing in the user interface design. I like to build a clean, appealing and functional interfaces designs which is based on latest web standards. I love designing and it is my passion. Currently working with GMI-Idhasoft Company in Mumbai.

5 responses to “How we can make orkut website more beautiful?”

  1. Prakash says :

    Really nice page but Thnik for Inner page because in Orkut I thnik inner pages are more Important and YEs Logo is absolutly superb.

  2. ashok says :

    Thanks for your comments.. I am working on inner pages.

  3. Sidharth Kumar says :

    Hi Ashok
    The logo is nice, i liked it
    But as orkut is also from Google, i believe they like to keep things simple.

  4. Prerna says :

    hii…can u suggest me something on how to redesign orkut for a college project

    • ashoksuthar says :

      Hi Prerna,

      Yes sure, we can add some nice fonts, photos, and we can make it more simple and user-friendly.. like this.. check out my design.

      If you want to use above design in your project you can use.. its free.

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