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Happy Holi

“Wish you a very Happy Holi” all of you.

Here are some short details about holi festival:

Holi is celebrated in the month of phalgun (Feb-March). It is traditional festival of Hindu, it commemorates the victory of good over evil.

People celebrate the holi with beautiful color and some common drinks like Thandai and Bhang.

Some useful link related Holi Festival:

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» Holi Story based on Demon Dhundi

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So enjoy holi with your friends and family. 🙂


Taare Zameen Par : Lyrics – Maa (English Version)

I found lyrics in English version from Taare Zamin Par movie. I like it very much… and you?

I’ve never told you
How scared I am of the dark
I’ve never told you
How much I care for you
But you know, don’t you Ma?
You know everything, my Ma.

Don’t leave me alone in crowds
I’ll lose my way back home
Don’t send me to places far away
Where you won’t even remember me
Am I so bad, Ma?
Am I so bad, my Ma?

When sometimes Papa swings me
Too high in the air,
My eyes search for you, hoping
You’ll come and hold me safe

I don’t tell him
But I get petrified
I don’t let it show
But my heart sinks
You know everything, don’t you ma?
You know everything, my Ma

I’ve never told you
How scared I am of the dark
How much I care for you
But you know, don’t you, Ma?
You know everything, my Ma.


flickr photos on blog widget.

I have integrated the my flickr photo in wordpress blog.. I was trying last few week and finally I got it. It was a good experience. feeling happy while seeing flickr photos on blog.

It is quite easy.. just copy RSS code url from flickr account and copy that in blog widget.. it was very simple.

new address

Hello friends, my new personal website is :

Please do visit.

How we can make orkut website more beautiful?

Orkut is very famous website on net for social networking. But I have question regarding their website designing. Currently design of orkut I don’t like. It is not good as I want, or as a designer want.

I think orkut-team should change their website design. It should be according web2.0 or latest trends.

So last few weeks I have above question in my mind. So I research on website on point of usability and designing. And finally I found some issues in current website like:

  • Logo is old fashion it should be according Web2.0
  • Font style is small and old. It should change to web 2.0 fonts like bigger fonts that makes website more readable.
  • Blue color is looks very dull in website.
  • square column in website looks also old fashion it should change to rounded.
  • Design should be column based.

After research I designed a sample page of Orkut, where all above requirements is filled in screen. You can see it here :-


What I did in screen.

  • I used new trends logo for Orkut. which is according Web2.0. It is plain and simple and it is easy to remember for visitors.
  • Used Arial font
  • Divided home page in three column.
  • Used blue vibrant color
  • Made top navigation bar at top for usability point of view.
  • New designed for Login area.

This is design which I like and I hope orkut’s user also like it. Give me your comments and suggestions on design-screen of orkut.

Creative Suite-3


Finally Adobe has released Creative Suite-3 which includes new version of Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop & Illustrator and much more, what we were waiting from last few days.

They used a great flash animation to show their new products.



Today I was free from my work so i decided to do something and I occupied my time with create this art work.

A good color combination

 I want a source which help us to make a good color combination. Every designer need a good color combinatino for their work and finally I found a link on net which is very helpful to make a good color combination with hex Code.

Even is also helpful to the webdesigner to solve their problem related designing.

Really a very helpful site !!

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!