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  1. Akash says :

    hello Mr. Ashok, i am a student of computer science.
    I like the way you are helping people like us by giving such important information online. i know very less about internet and how these websites work. can u post something for that on your website. i want to know how orkut is designed, which languages or softwares are used for designing orkut and how does it work…
    please help me out.

  2. ashok says :

    Thanks Akash for your comments. This is not my own webiste it is blog of wordpress. You also create your own blog on and share your knowledge and experience.

    And about Orkut, It is socialy networking website. where you can create your groups and write scrap for your friends. It is also free for registration.

  3. Nathan S says :

    Hi Mr Ashok
    i am doing a project for my college and i was wondering if i could have your permission to use 2 of your picture Graffiti_Example_02 and Graffiti_Example_03 if you could email me back on my email thank you for your time
    from Nathan S

  4. Nathan S says :

    sorry if you do email me could u email, could u email me back on this one as i go on this one more often sorry thak you for your time
    from Nathan. S

  5. vijay suthar says :

    hi i m also suthar and gled to see u r web site i am compliting my bca from udaipur rajasthan & now i am in banswara rajasthan sent u r mail id if u don’s mind
    vijay suthar
    banswara rajasthan

  6. Ashok says :

    Thanks Vijay,

    I am also from Rajasthan. I am working as webdesigner.

  7. Ashok says :

    Thanks Vijay,

    I am also from Rajasthan working as webdesigner in Mumbai.

  8. ashok suthar says :

    Dear Ashok,

    I am also Suthar from Rajasthan like you but in difference filed I am a chartered accountant, company secretary and a lawyer. Initially, in college days I have learned the web designing and still very much fond of the same but could not make it or design it because of time constraint and lack of ample knowledge.

    Myself and my other friends are planning to create a web site for our vansh suthar samaj. So please can you guide us how to go forward for that. Initially we are planning for a one or two pager website.

    I request you to give some guidance and tell us what will be cost involved in the same.

    Please do the needful, if you have some time.



    Ashok Kumar Suthar

  9. Jagdev Suthar says :

    Dear & Near Brother,
    I am Govt.employee.Newly appointed at K.V.Lonavla as a TGTeacher(SOS).I am very happy to know about You Please guide me In computer sector because I don’t know about it.THANKS In Waiting for your Reply.

  10. Dharmveer Motyar says :

    hi Ashok,
    myself dharmveer Motyar(Suthar) from Rajsthan. Here for say you just hi..

  11. CHHAGAN says :

    myself CHHAGAN LAL SUTHJAR from KANKROIL Rajsthan. Here for say you just hi..

  12. Dinesh Kumar Suthar says :

    Dear Ashok,
    Nice to see a guy from our community (Vansh Suthar) and Rajasthan. I belong to Sumerpur Rajasthan and serve with State Bank of India as Manager, presently at Rajkot. Please inform/advise for any requirement which I may provide. I also would like to get news on developements of the website on Vansh Suthar.

    Dinesh Kumar Suthar
    SBI, RBO-I, Rajkot

  13. Ronnie says :

    I have seen yourwork.Good work. I am doing freelance web desin as well as working in a company.

    In my website you cnse my portfolio.If you like my works youcn contact me.

    Waiting to make friendship with you. Best of luck…


  14. Vijay says :

    Hi Ashok,

    How are you? How is your work going on?
    I like the way you are helping others. Do you remember our SDI days. I learned
    lot from you. Whenever I start any new design or any coding I always try to design as like you. Keep the good work and be in touch.


  15. Ashok Suthar says :

    Brother Ashok im also a Ashok Suthar looking for a some one do designing business join

    ur brother
    Ashok From pakistan city karachi

  16. Helleojagasip says :

    Hi VEry nice posts i’sure i’sts nice

  17. Lalit Suthar says :

    Hi All,

    Thanks for showing interest in Suthar Samaj , it is really nice think , we know very well that now is era of globalization so we should also think a generic not in limited think , I means think on Vishwakarma not like all subcast of Vishwakarma .
    If you all want to share some knowledge on web than we have better option of vishwakarma student website (, post our knowledge on it that will be great for all.

    In case of any query than mail us:

  18. Patchouli Essential Oil says :

    Just added this blog to my favorites. I enjoy reading your blogs and hope you keep them coming!

  19. renren876 says :

    Howdy, I was browsing the web and I came across your web site. Keep up the excellent work.

  20. xiaorr456 says :

    Thank for this amazing site!

  21. South beach says :

    your blog is very nice very nice

  22. magan suthar pre.suthar samaj Udr div. says :

    संस्था की 2साल की ऑडिट करवानी है।सलाह देवे।

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